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The River of Mists - Prince Rupert, British Columbia (BC008)

Living in a caravan in Prince Rupert feels like a Melbourne winter. Wet, grey, everything covered in condensation. The candles are not for ambiance, but to attempt to dry some of the air, and looking out of windows impossible. The town itself feels a bit abandoned and depressed, which fits with the stark and harsh coastline. Thinking of Prince Rupert very much reminds one of the colour grey, although the town was once British Columbia’s second busiest port. The town has one of the lowest numbers days of sunshine per year in the world.

First Nations dubbed the nearby Skeena River, the “river of mists”. Changeable and unpredictable the river is shrouded in mist one moment, and blazing in sunshine the next. Winding its way from meltwater runoffs located over 2400 meters in the mountains above, the river passes through valleys and canyons as it journeys to the coast. Past the First Nations village of Hazelton, the road opens into a misty green shrouded valley at Exchamsiks River Provincial Park, where this river meets the mighty Skeena. A self-guided nature trail leads visitors through the forest of coastal Sitka spruce. In the sun, it is breathtaking….and in the mist, foreboding.





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