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Where the Fur Trade Ruled the North - Fort St. James, British Columbia (BC015)

Immerse yourself in the commercial hub of the fur trade of the 19th century at Fort St. James National Historic Site. Located on the shores of tranquil Lake Stuart, the historic fort and village offers self-guided tours for visitors, with staff in full traditional garb of the time. The homestead and barn make you feel a part of the history as you marvel at the range of original wolf and assorted animal pelts adorning the walls.

The fort dates back to the early 1800’s when Simon Fraser and John Stuart build a Northwest Company fort. When Northwest Company merged with Hudson’s Bay Company in 1821, this became the latter’s chief post in what was known as New Caledonia – essentially the northern reaches of the Coast Mountains, to the Rockies.

This is also the home of an original Roman Catholic mission founded in the mid-1800’s. The Our Lady of Good Hope Church still holds services.

Described as “pretty cool” by our resident photographer, this is a journey of discovery into the history of British Columbia’s north. Combined with camping, fishing and hiking available in the area, there is something to engage any visitor.





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