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Where there are 2 seasons…Snow and Wildflowers - Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia (BC011)

Mount Revelstoke National Park is perhaps one of the most unique in British Columbia. Described by Parks Canada as an area of “Rainforest, snow forest, and no forest” life zones, it is home to the world’s only inland temperate rainforests, while more than 50% of the park area exists above the tree line. One of the highlights is the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. Accessible by car or shuttle, it is best enjoyed on foot via the Summit Trail (10km walk and about 1350m elevation), or for those on a limited schedule, the Upper Summit Trail (about 1km and 100m elevation gain). During mid-August, a sunny day offers an absolutely amazing display of wildflowers with views of Mount Begbie, and the Selkirk Mountains to the east. Because of its elevation at almost 2000m, the wildflower season is about as short as the summer months…but unless there is snow on the ground, this is one place where you won’t be told you should have been there 2 weeks ago when the flowers were blooming…you are almost guaranteed a show.






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