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Dinosaur Provincial Park - A Primeval Landscape, Alberta (AB016)

Located in a reasonably remote area of south-eastern Alberta resides a self-contained part of the Alberta badlands called Dinosaur Provincial Park.  The park is only 2.5 hours drive from Calgary along Canada's TransCanada highway number 1 and only about 1 hour drive south of Drumheller.  Many people will be familiar with the Drumheller badlands and its world renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum that exhibits pretty much everything there is to know and show about dinosaurs.  In the case of Dinosaur Provincial Park (DPP) it is a hidden gem of the Alberta prairies.

People have looked at Jason's photos of DPP around Calgary and other western parts of Canada, and more often than not, the locals themselves don't know where DPP is and have never visited its brightly coloured, unique landscape.  The thing that DPP has over Drumheller is that you feel closer to the landscape and walking through the unusual formations and valleys is a more peaceful and pleasant experience than the badlands of Drumheller.  Granted they are both very similar in appearance, but DPP has the greater appeal.

The facilities at DPP are very basic and it is not a town like Drumheller.  DPP is really just a campground (onsite tents, RV sites, and campsites), information center, small museum, and an information center with a bistro/cafe.  The facilities are located in the valley along the side of the Red River.  From the river location visitors can walk from the river into the rolling, desert like terrain of the badlands.  The location is worth 2-3 days of time spent camped in a tent or trailer, for some people, maybe even a few days more.



Dinosaur Provincial Park (DPP) Facts
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park (DPP) is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • The park holds the world's most complete record of the late Cretaceous Period when dinosaurs dominated the landscape.

  • It is located 219 km (2.5 hours drive) from Calgary in the south-east corner of Alberta.

  • It is a comparitably small at only 73 km2 in total area.

  • The dinosaur fossil diggings have yielded more than 50 different species across hundreds of specimens.

  • Over 150 complete dinosaur skeletons have been discovered in DPP.

  • Many millions of years ago the area was a lush sub-tropical forest.

  • The park has a nice self-guided easy loop that can be walked or driven in your own vehicle.

  • DPP contains a number of other trails into the heart of the terrain that can be easily followed on foot.

  • Guided tours of the park and fossil digs can be booked in advance of visitors' arrival dates.

  • The park does not have an address - enter these coordinates in a GPS device >> Latitude: 50.7537  Longitude: -111.528

  • The park sits beside the Red Deer River in a water carved valley surround by prairie grasslands above the valley rim.




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