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Brazil’s Brilliant Environment, Nature & Wildlife of Brazil (BR006)

Toucan’s and dolphins and monkey’s – oh my!  A visit to Brazil is not complete without paying homage to its wonderful wildlife!  Swim with pink dolphins, hold a blue macaw in your lap, tour the Amazon while monkeys swing from your hair, fish for piranha, and find the real life version of an ROUS (rodent of unusual size) when you meet a capybara for the first time.  Get your canoe stuck in a river swamped with grasses at nightfall and watch the glowing eyes of the approaching caiman in the water.

Brazil’s wonderful wetlands, mighty rivers, and magnificent rainforests are all teeming with wildlife – some beyond imagination.  Between the Amazon and the Pantanal, it is known to have the greatest biodiversity in the world, with the highest number of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and species of plants of any country.  Brazil is simply beautiful.  And a photographer’s dream.







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