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The Secrets of Point Prim, Point Prim, Prince Edward Island (PE010)

Not far around the corner from Wood Islands is the Point Prim lighthouse. Built in 1945, it is not only PEI’s oldest, it is the only one found in Canada that is constructed entirely of bricks.  But its secrets go beyond its beautiful setting.  Pay a visit yourself, and learn about this remarkable building and its innate linkage to the Confederation of Canada. The lighthouse stands on brilliant red shores, on a rocky cove where another of Point Prim’s surprises resides.

The Point Prim Chowder House and Oyster Bar is also found here.  Very popular with locals and an entourage of loyal international visitors over the summer season, they are famous for their chowder and the views from their ocean patio.  But really it’s their other dishes that make them so popular…crab melt, lobster roll, tomato seafood bouillabaisse, all prepared from local produce and suppliers.  Here you can literally enjoy lunch as the wave’s crash into the rocky shore next to you.   A perfect summer’s afternoon!


Point Prim Lighthouse Facts
  • Point Prim lighthouse was built in 1845.
  • The lighthouse is 18.5 metres (60.7 feet) tall.
  • Point Prim has had 13 lighthouse keepers over the years who lived on-site at the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse is constructed from brick and is a very traditional looking lighthouse - painted white with a red lantern top and surrounding balcony.
  • Point Prim lighthouse is 1 of only 2 lighthouses constructed like this lighthouse in Canada.  The second lighthouse, called Fisgard Lighthouse, is located on the far western Canadian shores of Vancouver Island.




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