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The Secrets of Wood Islands, Points East Coastal Drive, Prince Edward Island (PE009)

Bright red cliffs, rolling hills, scattered hamlets…these are the views common to PEI, and the pretty area around Wood Islands on the Points East Coastal Drive.  Speak to the locals and learn of their multiple talents from blueberry farming to lobster fishing, but the best stories and views are found in the lighthouses of this pretty little corner of PEI.

Visit the Wood Islands’ lighthouse and museums.  Perched on the edge of the shore and surrounded by a multitude of historical outbuildings and historical wharf, there is much here for the imagination.  For a token fee, this is one of the lighthouse museums worth exploring.  Climb up the ladders of the interior and learn the history of rum running in PEI.  Check out the sea glass display and learn of the different varieties that are found on the beaches of PEI.  Try your hand at the many varieties of boat knots, and learn the language of ships of old, while you enjoy the spectacular 360 view of the harbour area when you reach the lighthouse top. 

Nearby is the arrival point of Northumberland Ferries, where you can make your way to the shores of Nova Scotia.  The views are beautiful and best enjoyed at either sunrise or sunset, when the light on the shoreline is just perfect.

Wood Islands Facts
  • Wood Islands was settled in 1803 to 1807 by mostly Scottish settlers.

  • The population in modern times has decreased to less than 500 people.

  • The Inhabitants of Wood Islands mostly farm or fish (lobster fishing) for a living.

  • The NFL ferry (passenger and car carrier) can be taken from Wood Islands to Pictou in Nova Scotia in order to avoid driving all the way back to Confederation Bridge to leave Prince Edward Island and return to the mainland.

  • The Wood Islands lighthouse was founded in 1876 and its lantern still shines today.

  • From the lighthouse many people claim they have sighted a burning phantom ship as it navigates through the waters of Northumberland Strait.




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