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Where the Winds Blow, West Point, Prince Edward Island (PE008)

It’s a warm day in summer on PEI, but at West Point the winds keep blowing.  And they are constant.  No gusts or storms apparent, just a constant wind that seems to come in over the water.  Its no surprise this point of land on the far western shores of the Northumberland Strait and Gulf of St. Lawrence is covered with windmills for power generation.  The red sands of the beach and white caps in the ocean have caused the shallow waters to turn red.  One wonders what a bad day would be like?  

Here is also the home to Prince Edward Island’s famous West Point Lighthouse and Museum.  Distinctive because of its black and white horizontal stripes, the colours seem ominous and enhanced by the grey skies.  This light has been open since 1875 and over 88 years as a staffed light was maintained by only 2 dedicated lighthouse keepers over all that time.  This lighthouse is PEI’s tallest, at almost 68 feet, and is notable as it was kept operational during winter months, providing a light for the nearby air training schools in Summerside and Mount Pleasant.  Today it is a museum, with nearby campground, restaurant, inn and local craft shop.

There are also walking trails here, with myths of fairies using them, and preventing the trees from growing properly (nothing to do with the wind!).  The two main trails bear the charming names of “Leprechaun Lane”, and “Lady Slipper Walk”.

Stop by the nearby wharf and pick up a box of Peck Oysters – these are the non-restaurant grade oysters that taste just as good, but come in all shapes and sizes for about a third of the price. Try your oyster shucking skills on these over a beer at your campsite as you listen to the ocean waves roll in.




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