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Find Your Inner Fisherman! North Cape Coastal Drive, Prince Edward Island (PE007)

Head north through Tignish and discover that camping is not a thing commonly done this far north.  In fact you can head east or west, and you have 2 choices, and that’s it.  Opting for Jacques Cartier Provincial Park, you then head north to North Cape lighthouse, and Wind Interpretive Centre.  Here you will find the windmills of every shape and size, and an extremely difficult to photograph lighthouse (Did they really need to put the communication tower that close?). 

The area redeems itself with the Black Marsh trail.  A not so pretty name for a very pretty place…here is a wetland or bog in summer teeming with birds and plant life that is twisted and stunted by the winds of this northern island cape.  You almost think you are looking at tea tree but realize again – wrong place and wrong climate.  There are a full 6km of coastal trails you can walk with a self-guided tour through the flora, fauna and history of the area.  Learn about commercial tuna fishing and PEI’s role in supporting the Japanese sushi market and unquenchable desire for this fish.  Imagine the odd plant life that survives on this coastal plateau where the wind is constantly blowing salty ocean air.

Follow the coastline down the western shore of the island to the small fishing town of Miminegash.  Speak with local lobster fishermen…they are in their busy season in late August.  For about 10 weeks they toil from about 5am until late afternoon, each setting more than 150 traps every day, the docks are still busy on sunset, with lobster boats lined up to set out on the mornings run. This far west and north the maritime accent starts to become apparent, and you feel a bit foreign.


An evening sunset over the harbour is beautiful and everything you had hoped to see in Prince Edward Island.




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