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When the Circus Came to Town, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PE006)

Charlottetown is a great walking town.  With a harbour front full of shops, artisans, and seafood restaurants and pubs all linked by boardwalks; this is a city designed to celebrate its rich history with visitors.  Check out the boats of the rich and famous, and stroll down to the restaurants on Great George Street and surrounds.  If you have the time and a nearby hotel room there are many eateries and pubs with outdoor café’s to while away and evening or two on a warm summer’s night.  There is always something for visitors to see in Charlottetown, whether it is a festival, art exhibitions or new theatre production. 

Surrounded by beautiful architecture and parks there is a spirited charm that is alive and well. The George hotel and buildings tell a story of cultural influx to the city, and the spires of St. Dunstan’s Basilica shine in the evening light.  Explore the square out front Province House and enjoy the quiet energy of the city getting ready for an evening spent on restaurant patios.  As you wander through the sites, enjoy the self-guided tour through the historical district, and take time to read the placards and enjoy the sculpture and statue that line the streets in the harbour front area.  They deliver a great point of view on a significant historical event in Canada’s history, and bring history to life.  Learn about the Charlottetown Conference of 1864 – the first in a series of meetings that led to Confederation and the formation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867.  Did you know that when Sir John A MacDonald and the other Fathers of Confederation arrived in Charlottetown for these meetings they were forced to return to sleep on their own boat?  Not a hotel room was to be found anywhere, as the circus was in town!

A great place to explore, Charlottetown offers visitors a relaxed pace, pretty harbour views, with history, arts, and entertainment for all.  It is no wonder that this pretty little town was once known by French settlers as Port La Joie!






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