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Emerald Fields and Ruby Shores, Red Sands Shore – Central Coastal Drive, Prince Edward Island (PE005)

Drive down to Summerside, experience Spinnakers Landing, and enter the Red sands shore.  The massive extent of Confederation Bridge comes into sight – or at least the half of it that you can see…the rest is shrouded in mist and cloud and you imagine it must be raining in New Brunswick.  But it is sunny here, making the red sands even redder, and the lush green farmland even greener.  It reminds you of the Red Centre in Australia, with its contrasts of red and lush green foliage, offset by white trees.  And here also you have the blue of the sea and the whitecaps of the waves.

You go hunting in back streets on Amherst Point for the best vantage point of the Bridge, then continue on your journey past Cape Traverse, and through the little town of Victoria.  This is a little town and marina with restaurants and an arts community.  You find yourself comparing to Australia again and think of places like Venus Bay or Sandy Point, also of Victoria.  These are sleepy little towns that come to life when the tourists arrive.  Admire its lighthouse set amidst the flower garden with Canadian maple leafs for decoration.

From here you travel over the West River through Cornwall, and into Charlottetown’s rich history. Everything on the island is refreshingly close together and no distance is too far.




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