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“Where’s the Giant?”, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario (ON006)

Similar to Calgarians when separated from the view of the Rocky Mountains on the western horizon, Thunder Bay local’s likely feel lost without the view of this massive rock formation just off their coastline.   Located to the north and east of town by about an hour is Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.  The park is named for the huge rock formation of mesas on the Sibley Peninsula that resemble a giant lying on his back, with his arms crossed peacefully over his chest.   Sometimes a bit hard to identify in shape, but more so the closer you get, its outline is distinctive and has sparked stories and myth by inhabitants for thousands of years.

The park is a mecca for hiking opportunities.  Over and around, or to different parts of the giant’s “body”, a walk right around the giant can be done in a mere 37 km jaunt.  Or, a 12 km walk to his “feet” will bring you to a bird sanctuary.  Complete with campground, boat launch area, beach, and visitor center, this is a great spot or a weekend away.  Just watch out for giants.




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