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A Pioneer and Grey Owl Meet over Beer, Prince Albert Brewing Company, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (SK011)

Pioneer Pilsner and Grey Owl Pale Ale, that is.  Joined by their friends Rogues Red Ale and Broken Bridge Lager, these are only part of the selection at the home grown micro-brewery in Prince Albert. Developed and opened by local entrepreneurs in 2011, it is now an award winning local business.

With a British theme throughout, complete with a Victoria and Albert room, and larger than life knights in armor, this is a quirky restaurant and pub in the heart of the city.  The food is fresh, with pub style meals, and the beer is cold. Having spent so much time with inflated Alberta pricing, one of the most surprising features was the cost of a pint of beer, at under $4.  Jason’s favourite was Pioneer Pilsner.  The micro-brewery itself is visible through large windows in the restaurant area.  Here production of the “PABCo.” Line of beers occurs.  Off-sales of cans, as well as 1 liter and 2 liter bottles are available.





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