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Yellow Line….Yellow Line….Yellow Line…, Saskatchewan (SK008)

Saskatchewan:  A large, flat, Canadian province containing thousands of square kilometers of extra flat space that extends north, south, east and west from wherever you stand to wherever you end up.

If you like never ending expanses of bucket-loads of 'The Never Ending', then Saskatchewan is the place for you.

How flat is it? - Well...

It's so flat that the name "Saskatchewan" means:  Flat horizon that can't be reached by mortal man.

It's so flat that if flat was a tradable commodity Saskatchewan would be a very wealthy part of the world.

It's so flat that when building a house in Saskatchewan residents measure and level the foundations of the house straight-up-off the ground with a tape measure.

It's so flat that many Saskatchewan residents don't like venturing too close to the provincial borders for fear of falling off the edge of the world.

It's so flat that the hawk on the post in the attached photo can see the whole of Saskatchewan from border to border from the height of the fence post.

It's so flat that we tried road testing the Antelope in the attached photo at above 50 meters...unsuccessfully he passed out at 9 meters from altitude sickness.

It's so flat that it's easy to get lost in the outer regions of Saskatchewan.  Unless you are navigating using the sun or a compass each new piece of featureless flatness looks like the previous piece of featureless flatness causing the victim to drive in circles for days.

It’s so flat that Saskatchewan locals navigate and provide directions by simply pointing with a finger at the target object or intended destination regardless of distance or current location.

It’s so flat that an unsuspecting traveler can develop Flat-Like-A-Tack (FLAT) sickness quite rapidly.  The onset of FLAT sickness can be greatly slowed if the out-of-province traveler looks at photos of the Rocky Mountains every hour or so while driving.

It’s so flat that in Saskatchewan steps and stairs haven’t been invented yet.

It’s so flat that in the lower lands of Saskatchewan the air actually becomes thicker.

It’s so flat that when entering a Saskatchewan destination in to a GPS unit, the GPS responds with:  Warning! Dangerously flat…would you like me to attempt to navigate you to the nearest hill or large bump?

That’s about how flat Saskatchewan mostly is – well…pretty much anyway!

While driving in the early morning across the mesmerizing flatness to a new destination:  Yellow line…yellow line…yellow line…fence! paddock! cow! horse! barn!  Another traveler meets their doom venturing in to the flatness of Saskatchewan.







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